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One simple tactic to drastically improve your sales without breaking the bank

Sales is a crucial cog in the wheel of any business - without them, there is no business. Unfortunately, some sales training can cost upwards of $80,000. But here I propose one simple tactic to improve your sales without breaking the bank.

The key? Active listening and the ability to think quickly on your feet. That seems too easy and too simple, right? But think about what that actually means. Everyone receives sales calls and most are annoying and pushy, not necessarily because you don’t like the product, but because the salesperson is telling you what you need instead of asking and listening to what you need. So why do salespeople continue to push when they could sit back, listen, be less annoying and more likely to close a sale?

Because like anything, active listening and responding quickly on your feet is a skill that needs to be developed.

If you never worked with your salespeople to develop this skill, the odds are, they don’t have it.

At Knuckleball Comedy, we are improvisers and being active listeners, thinking quickly and creatively on our feet is what we do best. How are we able to be so good at it? As former NBA superstar Allen Iverson famously said, “We talkin bout practice.”

No improv scene can be successful if you haven’t listened to what your scene partner has given you, internalized it and quickly thought of a way to cleverly move the scene forward. Good improvisers do this all with ease. How? Ask Allen Iverson.

So how can your sales team improve their active listening skills, and learn how to quickly and creatively respond to potential clients in order to close more deals? Signing up for one of our virtual sales training programs HERE is a good start. Our process is simple, fun, effective and it won’t break the bank like those other $80,000 trainings. Plus we are all comedians and we do believe laughter is the best medicine. Contact us today to learn more.

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