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Ready to Book Your First Virtual Sales Training With Improv Session?

Would you like your employees to sell more efficiently? Manage change better? Respond to new circumstances with ease? Communicate and present to your customers with confidence and charisma? Iterate on ideas and innovate on your product or service?

We keep our process simple and fun which makes our virtual sales workshops engaging and unlike anything your employees have participated in. Some of the best companies in the world use the foundations and concepts of improv every day to design innovative products, improve team communication, and develop active listening skills.

How We Do It

People want to sell before they listen. We show you how to actively listen before successfully selling. 

Training doesn't have to be boring. We joke, laugh and keep everyone engaged. 

Not all sales calls go according to plan. Learn how to think creatively off the cuff. 

Listen, think quickly and creatively, strategize, increase productivity, and close deals. 

Become better strategic problem solvers and learn tangible exercises to increase productivity.

Grow sales, grow revenue, and grow business. It starts with listening, ends with results. 

Working from Home

We used Knuckleball Comedy to facilitate a virtual team building session for our global team from three continents.  Not only was the activity fun and high energy for all, it was also an excellent comic relief during these challenging times we are experiencing now.


—  Raj Krishnaswamy,

      Project Leader, Braskem

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