Do your children enjoy abundant laughter?  Want your kids to explore their creative minds and learn to think quickly and outside the box?  Want your kids to feel more comfortable and confident in social situations and in public speaking?  Have no fear, Knuckleball Comedy is here! Don’t be shy and sign up for a class, performance or summer camp today. There is never a bad time for more laughs.


With direction and coaching from an experienced comedian, kids learn the basics of improvisation and performance through mind games and interactive play.  Along the way, participants will learn to listen and think quickly.  At the end of the session, kids will also produce and star in their very own improv comedy show which is sure to receive lots of laughs from both the audience and participants! Contact us to create a new class at your school, park district, camp - or just for a group of friends.  

We have classes and performances in locations all over Chicagoland.  Click here to learn about the different programming in each of our locations. 

Afterschool improv classes | Knuckleball Comedy

Planning the next birthday party for one of your children, a special day for a summer camp or school, something new and exciting to turn some heads? Knuckleball Comedy provides an acclaimed one person, highly interactive improv show which will have kids and adults, laughing, acting and wanting more. Our improv performers bring a special type of energy, unmatched by even the most eccentric of kids. Our shows have everyone engaged and on their feet; kids won’t be able to raise their hands quickly enough when volunteering to be a part of this incredible show! Whether your child is interested in sports, princesses, dinosaurs or all of the above, we can customize our shows to fit your needs. From our famous improvised stories, to bringing in our talented panel of “experts,” this show is unlike any other. We can’t wait to put on another great show for you. Contact us today!

We're receiving high praise from kids, teachers and parents for our innovative programming - engaging with kids in a new way and building confidence and social skills all while laughing together.