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6 ways laughter can make your employees more productive in the workplace

Laughter is the best medicine. You’ve heard the saying before but may have taken it as just a thing people say. That is true, it is a thing people say! But some of those people are scientists who study the effect of laughter on the workplace and productivity. It can be hard for employers, with so many things to worry about, to want to go out of their way to make sure laughter is a part of the daily routine for their employees. But below is a list of reasons why they should go out of their way to do just that.

(Knuckleball Comedy team member laughing during a virtual event)

  1. Laughter reduces stress. According to studies done at the Mayo Clinic, laughter enhances your in-take of “oxygen-rich air” which increases your brain’s endorphins which leads to lower stress. Stress decreases productivity and even leads to higher employee turnover.

  2. Laughter relaxes you and leads to increased productivity. In a study conducted in coordination with the Harvard Business Review, “after watching a comedy clip, employees were 10% more productive than their counterparts.”

  3. Laughter brings your team closer together. You are many times more likely to laugh with others than when you are alone. Sitcoms use laugh tracks because laughter is contagious. Laughing with your coworkers creates a fun, positive, creative atmosphere which promotes the type of culture you are searching for.

  4. Laughter strengthens relationships. Laughter triggers positive feelings and fosters emotional connection which not only helps your team work better together, but also helps your team interact with current and prospective clients.

  5. Laughter releases inhibitions. When your team no longer has fear of throwing out their ideas, you end up with the best ideas which lead to the best end results.

  6. Laughter can resolve disagreements. When you work with people every single day, disagreements are bound to occur. Laughter is a great way to smooth things over while even strengthening those relationships.

So how can you bring in more laughter into your workplace? Contact us today and we can show you how.

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