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What your toddler can teach you about joy and laughter

I’ve spent a lot of time with babies recently,  two babies in particular, my twin grandsons.  I’ve gone with them to parks and other child friendly places and watched the toddlers at play. 

When we’re raising our own kids, we’re so busy just making sure they stay alive and have their needs met while also juggling jobs and other responsibilities. 

So, most of us are highly distracted, and rarely sit back and just observe. Now at a different time of life, I’m enjoying watching the evolution of little human beings. Noting the joyfulness of the young children at play, I thought, I wish I could bottle that and sell it because we can all use some joy and many find it hard to come by.  

Employees laughing during a Knuckleball Comedy team building event

(Employees of CNH Industrial laughing during a Knuckleball Comedy team building event)

Coincidentally, I came across a short blurb in last Sunday’s New York Times about this very subject from a professor of pediatrics.  

The author noted several things toddlers do that adults could benefit from - positive self talk to help with problem solving; always moving which comes naturally to young kids, asking lots of questions without being self conscious, having strict sleep schedules (we were actually never good about this with our kids) and then the one I liked best - look for opportunities to laugh! 

One study found that young children laugh six times as much as adults.  

So how can we look for opportunities to laugh?  The article suggested listening to a comedy podcast or trading silly texts with a friend.  But isn’t laughter the best when you’re with other people - in person??? 

As a blogger for Knuckleball Comedy, of course, I’d say hire us for a team building event and our program will have your employees laughing within minutes. 

And while that is, of course, a great idea, the best part is the takeaway - how great it makes people feel after a good laugh, with a friend, a co-worker, a family member, and hopefully it will help bring more laughter - and therefore, more joy, into their lives.  

So the next time you see a toddler laughing, take notes. If you play your cards right that could be you very soon.

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