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iGLOW Women's Leadership Summit

How Knuckleball Comedy's unique approach engaged and inspired 100 women at CNH Industrial

cnh womens conference.jpg

Participants: 100

Format: In-person

Time: Two hours

Location: Two-day leadership summit


Our interactive workshop was a huge success at the iGLOW Women's Leadership Summit. The event, which was part of a two-day conference focused on professional development, provided a unique and engaging experience for the 100 attendees, who flew in from all over the country.


As the only fun event of the conference, our workshop served as a valuable opportunity for participants to network and connect with each other, creating a sense of community and camaraderie that carried throughout the rest of the conference.


  1. Combat self-doubt

  2. Unique and enjoyable networking experience

  3. Develop leadership skills


We designed a two-hour workshop that was both entertaining and educational. The workshop included a mix of large group games, small group exercises, and partner activities.


Participants were encouraged to get out of their seats, engage with each other in unique ways, and practice active listening to build their confidence and communication skills. The workshop culminated in a friendly competition where small teams competed against each other in a series of fun challenges. Our use of humor and improv not only made the event incredibly enjoyable, but also provided practical tools for participants to use in their professional lives. 


Improved confidence: Participants reported feeling more self-assured and comfortable with taking risks after attending the workshop.

Enhanced networking: Participants made meaningful connections with other women in the company, building a network of support and collaboration.

Strengthened leadership skills: Participants developed valuable leadership skills such as active listening, adaptability, and resilience, which they could apply in their work and personal lives.

Laughter: The laughs we provided set the enthusiastic and positive tone that the conference organizers were looking for to get the most out of the participants for the remainder of the conference. 


"We hired Ethan to give a workshop at our Women's Leadership Conference. The 2 hour workshop was absolutely fantastic and was the favorite part of the 2 day conference. I would highly recommend Ethan and Knuckleball Comedy for any event, in fact I cannot think of any type of event that wouldn't benefit from improv comedy. Ethan did an amazing job tying the exercises and games directly into how participants can use the skills in their professional lives. Being silly in small groups does amazing things to break down barriers and get people, even the introverts in your group, to be vulnerable and open their minds up to learning. And EVERYONE will leave with an inside joke (or two!) that will connect people forever and I can't think of a better way to strengthen a team."


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