Do your children enjoy abundant laughter?  Want your kids to explore their creative minds and learn to think quickly and outside the box?  Want your kids to feel more comfortable and confident in social situations and in public speaking? Knuckleball Comedy is here for you! Don’t be shy and sign up for our Saturday afternoon programming today.  This Fall we are offering several different Drop-In dates as you will see below, you can think of these as trial classes and then once you love the class, you can then register for our winter session which gives you the full Knuckleball Comedy experience including a performance kids will put on for you at the end of the session. You won't want to miss it.  For more information and to register, scroll down. Contact Us with any additional questions. 

Typical Afternoon

Improv: First Hour

With direction and coaching from an experienced comedian, kids will learn the basics of improvisation taught the Knuckleball Comedy way, with style, confidence and energy. Along the way, participants will gain not only valuable tools for everyday life, but will also have lots of laughs throughout.

Writing Sketch Comedy: Second Hour 

Improv and writing sketch comedy go together like Knuckleball Comedy and fun. We use our knowledge of improv to go over scene structure and how to create story ideas from scratch. We help the kids write their own sketches which they will eventually be able to perform. They’ll love this creative freedom. Writing is fun especially when you’re writing jokes! 

Dates, Times and Ages

Day: Saturdays


Dates: October 13th, October 20th, October 27th

These are all drop in classes. You can take any one of them, two or all three!  

Time: 1:00PM - 3:00PM (2 hours)

Ages: 8-13

*Questions about age? Please feel free to Contact Us.

*You don't need to have taken a Knuckleball Comedy course but if you have, great, there is always more to learn!

Can your little comedian really just not get enough improv? We aren't surprised, check out our Summer Camps!

Feel free to drop into these classes and think of them as a trial class and then you can sign up for our winter session where your children can have the full Knuckleball Comedy experience including an amazing show they will put on for you at the end of the session


Menomonee Club - Drucker Center

1535 N. Dayton

Chicago, IL 60642

We're receiving high praise from kids, teachers and parents for our innovative programming - engaging with kids in a new way and building confidence and social skills all while laughing together. Check out what people are saying about us


Cost: $28 (1 class, 1:00PM - 3:00PM)

Cost: $75 (3 classes, 1:00PM - 3:00PM)


*Interested but can't afford it? Contact Us. 

Pay with credit/debit

Drop-In Classs

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Step 3: Make payment using the link to the right or with a check. You do NOT need a paypal account in order use the paypal links, you can pay with a credit card through the paypal link. Checks should be made out to Knuckleball Comedy LLC and sent to 5434 S. Hyde Park Blvd

Chicago, IL 60615. 

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Pay with credit/debit

Drop-In Classs

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