Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Register? Register by going to the summer camp page on this website and follow the instructions on the page. All information should be there but if you still have questions you can reach out at

Can I register in the middle of the summer? Yes, you can register anytime before the first day of that session.


How long is the camp day? Every camp goes from 9am-3pm with an aftercare option from 3pm-5pm.


Does Knuckleball Comedy provide lunch? No, every camper should bring their own lunch, a snack and a water bottle. Please let us know of any food allergies or other dietary or health concerns.


What should my camper bring? All campers should bring a lunch, snack, water bottle and a notepad and a pen/pencil.


What should my camper not bring? Please leave all valuables at home including ipods, ipads and computers.


Where is the summer camp? All of the camps will be held at the Menomonee Club - Drucker Center at 1535 N. Dayton Chicago, IL 60642. 

Can my child register for multiple sessions? Yes. While each camp will be going over a similar curriculum, it’s improv and there is always more to learn and different things to understand. We absolutely encourage you to sign up for more than one session.


My child is very mature, can they be with the older group? In general we keep the ages pretty strict, however, if you are concerned, always feel free to reach out to Ethan Blumenthal at


Will there still be a performance at the end of the shortened camp? Yes. Despite having fewer days, all campers will end their session in a performance for parents, family, friends and more.


When will the performance be? The performance will be held at 2pm on the Friday of every camp session.


Where will the performance be held? The performance will be held at the Menomonee Club just like the camp.


Is the camp tuition refundable? No. All tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.


Who should I contact if I have questions? With any questions or trouble with the registration process, you can always contact the president of Knuckleball Comedy, Ethan Blumenthal at

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