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Would you like your employees to collaborate more efficiently with each other? Manage change better? Respond to new circumstances with ease? Communicate and present to your customers with confidence and charisma? Iterate on ideas and innovate on your product or service?

Whether as a fun way to get to know your teammates better and inject some life into your all-staff meetings, or as a key part of your customer service and account management training, staff improv training introduces concepts to a team environment that can improve any business. Some of the best companies in the world use the foundations and concepts of improv every day to design innovative products, improve team communication, and develop active listening skills.

What It Looks Like

Workshops can be half-day, full-day, multi-day, or by-the-hour

Agendas are flexible and can be adjusted to suit your needs

We come to you! We'll meet at your office, event venue, or home.

Participants gain problem solving, teamwork, and  listening skills

Several options to choose from: including Executive Leadership training, D&I, and more

Everybody's in on the action creating camaraderie that persists & leaves your company thriving


“Knuckleball led an interactive and fun session during our orientation week that helped our 21 fellows get to know one another, collaborate, get out of their comfort zones, and build confidence as they prepared for their summer internships. Our fellows had an amazing time! I highly recommend  Knuckleball programming.”


—  Sasha Pena, Chicago Scholars

Our Clients

Diversity &


​At Knuckleball Comedy we believe improv and D&I go hand-in-hand. The core principle of improv and the core principle of fostering an inclusive workplace revolve around one thing: active listening.


In our D & I workshops, Knuckleball Comedy's fun and engaging exercises are followed up with poignant discussions about how we can all do a better job of listening; listening to other people’s perspectives, listening to the way our actions are perceived by others, and listening to each other so employees work efficiently and effectively together. When we become better active listeners, we become better at reacting to others’ ideas and perspectives, and that’s improv.

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Executive            Leadership    Workshop

Business leaders are no different than jazz players or improvisers; the best way to lead isn’t with an iron fist but rather by listening and reacting. 

Believe in the process of saying “Yes” to your employees and watch your team grow.  Employees who hear “yes” instead of “no” feel more valued and valued employees perform better. The concept may sound simple, but putting it into action requires a special touch. Let us help.

Corporate Training &

Creative Solutions

Every company wants their employees to collaborate better as a team, manage change with ease, solve complex issues, communicate well and think quickly and creatively.

The fundamentals of improv align perfectly with these goals. How can we expect employees to exude these traits if they don’t practice? Let us teach you the magic of improv and you can see for yourself how your team will rise to the occasion.


Communication     & Presentation

When you give a presentation to employees, employers, clients, students, teachers or whoever the audience may be, remember there is a reason you are there in person.


After all, if the purpose was merely to share information, you could send an email. Learn to communicate with charisma, confidence and purpose and watch your results go from 0-60 in a flash. Let us help, and even have some fun in the process as we learn and laugh together.

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