"The games were really fun... Zip Zap Zop and the Opera game were the best! Ethan is really funny...I hope I can take it again next year."

-Megill H. 1st grade, Akiba-Schechter

"This is Oliver and Elliot's second year in Knuckleball, and they love it! It's been their favorite after school class by far. I love that they have a chance to make use of their comedic instincts, and they're really proud of the shows -- as they should be!"

-Sarah M. Parent of 3rd and 7th grader

"Great for kids of all ages. High energy, active and engaging. I know they enoyed it. Something we'd definitely like to do again."

-Sarah P., Youth Director

"It's fun with the special games when you get to be totally insane and off the wall" and likes "how you get an idea and then you get to see how everyone does it in their own unique way."

-Ben L. 4th grade, Hamilton Elementary

"The kids and counselors all had a great time learning some improv comedy skills and were literally rolling on the floor laughing!"

-Chaya M., CGI Camp Counselor

“Knuckleball Comedy improv class is my favorite because we get to act really silly and have a lot of fun.  And also now I am really good at charades.” 

-Olivia W. 2nd grader, Immaculate Conception St . Joseph

"The teachers are funny and down to earth - they allow us to flesh out our own ideas and stories."

-Maeve G. 6th grader, Burley Elementary

"The class is fast-paced and fun, it really gets you interested. It may seem nerve racking at first but once you get into it it really makes you excited for the class. I really enjoyed coming forthis class for the last year, and I like it this year too. My favorite teacher was Bridget, she made me interested in the class. I highly recommend it to others."

-Ryan L. 6th grader, Hamilton Elementary

"The class is so fun and it also teaches me how to work together with other kids even better than before. Our teacher is also very nice and works with us all equally. Every week I look forward to it!!"

-Shayna F. 5th grader,  The British International Schoolational School

"You should be in Knuckleball Comedy because it's great fun!"

-Elliot M. 3rd grader, JCYS summer camp

"I was part of the improv community in Chicago for many years, and I am so grateful to Knuckleball for giving my kids the chance to learn and have fun with improv. It is a great skill to learn and a wonderful way to connect with friends."

-Evan M. Parent of 3rd and 7th grader


"My favorite scene is an America Ninja warrior scene and making fun of how over-dramatic the show is. I liked this scene because I thought it was funny."

-Oliver M. 7th grader, JCYS summer camp


"Just wanted to say thanks for your performance for my daughter's birthday party. We could have gone the easy, “proven” route - like Chuck-e-Cheese - ugh - but we wanted to try something “different” - and my daughter has been doing your company’s improv in her after school - and I thought - let’s give that a try! We got many compliments from the other parents for doing something like this.  The parents also had a lot of laughs. You are great - keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!


  -Scott R. Parent of 2nd grade birthday girl

"The teachers are funny and down to earth - they allow us to flesh out our own ideas and stories."

 - Maeve G. 6th grader, Burley Elementary

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