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Ready to Book Your First Freshmen Orientation Team Building Workshop?

Would you like your students to collaborate more efficiently with each other? Manage change better? Respond to new circumstances with ease? Communicate and present with confidence and charisma? 

Bring us in so your freshmen are laughing the moment they arrive on campus. Once they've unpacked their bags and said goodbye to their parents, students are looking for a friend to eat their first meal with. Help them out by bringing in the team from Knuckleball Comedy to get them laughing and smiling on their way to making some lifelong friends on their very first day. 

What It Looks Like

Workshops run between 1-2 hours

Your freshmen will walk into orientation knowing no one, they will leave our session with a group of friends

We come to your campus! 

Participants gain confidence, problem solving, teamwork, and  listening skills

We bring in one of our professionals, you lend us some volunteers and we can work with however many students you have

Everybody's in on the action creating camaraderie that persists & leaves your incoming class thriving


“Knuckleball led an interactive and fun session during our orientation week that helped our 21 fellows get to know one another, collaborate, get out of their comfort zones, and build confidence as they prepared for their summer internships. Our fellows had an amazing time! I highly recommend  Knuckleball programming.”


—  Sasha Pena, Chicago Scholars

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