Would you like your employees to collaborate more efficiently with each other? Manage change better? Respond to new circumstances with ease? Gain invaluable communication and presentation skills as they learn to listen and think creatively? We thought you might.  We’re excited to begin and look forward to providing your company with our fantastic and proven Knuckleball Comedy for professional development - scroll down to learn more and Contact Us today. 

Why Improv For Business
  • Collaboration. 

  • Communication. 

  • Confidence.

  • Flexibility.


These four traits make up the backbone of any good business and wouldn’t you know it, the backbone of any good improv team as well.  Improv can be explained in two simple words. YES...AND... It may seem easy, but imploring this basic principle of acceptance, and then watching your employees understand it and run with it, can make all the difference. Business never stops when you say YES...AND. Let us teach you how.

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  • Small, Medium, Large Companies

  • University undergraduate schools

  • University graduate business programs

  • Elementary and High School teachers and staff

Why Knuckleball Comedy

Knuckleball Comedy has proven time and time again that our relentless effort and tried and true approach are the best ways to improve your business. When you contact us, you won’t fill out a form, you will speak to a real person who cares about you and your company.  Let our most talented representatives sit down with you and discuss your company goals and we will work tirelessly to customize the best possible program for your business.  We perform all of our workshops the Knuckleball Comed way: with style, confidence and energy. Contact us today so we can do what we do best to help your business be at its best.

Executive Leadership Workshop

“I lead by listening to the other musicians and reacting to them.”

-- Ken Peplowski


Business leaders are no different than jazz players or improvisers; the best way to lead isn’t with an iron fist but rather by listening and reacting.  Believe in the process of saying “Yes” to your employees and watch your team grow.  Employees who hear “yes” instead of “no” feel more valued and valued employees perform better. The concept may sound simple, but putting it into action requires a special touch. Let us help.

Corporate Training/Creative Solutions

Six key areas that link improvisation exercises to the practice of management: interpreting the environment; crafting strategy; cultivating leadership; fostering teamwork; developing individual skills; and assessing organizational culture.”

-- Mary Crossan

Companies want their employees to collaborate better as a team, manage change with ease, solve complex issues, communicate well and think quickly and creatively. The fundamentals of improv align perfectly with these goals. How can we expect employees to exude these traits if they don’t practice? Let us teach you the magic of improv and you can see for yourself how your team will rise to the occasion.

Communication and Presentation

“Improvisation was especially effective in countering the true source of organizational failure: panic, a paralysis of sense-making which leads to the collapse of the team.”

- Wendy Currie & Robert Galliers

When you give a presentation to employees, employers, clients, students, teachers or whoever the audience may be, remember there is a reason you are there in person. After all, if the purpose was merely to share information, you could send an email. Learn to communicate with charisma, confidence and purpose and watch your results go from 0-60 in a flash. Let us help, and even have some fun in the process as we learn and laugh together.

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