Do your children enjoy abundant laughter?  Want your kids to explore their creative minds and learn to think quickly and outside the box?  Want your kids to feel more comfortable and confident in social situations and in public speaking? Knuckleball Comedy is here for you! Don’t be shy and sign up for one of our many camps today. At the end of each week of camp, all parents, family and friends are invited to the end of camp performance. You won't want to miss it.  Any day where your kids are not in school, we probably have a camp for that! Winter, Spring or Summer Break, we have a camp!

For more information on upcoming camps and to REGISTER, scroll down. Contact Us with any additional questions. 

Typical Day at Camp

Improv: 9:00am-10:40am

With direction and coaching from an experienced comedian, kids will learn the basics of improvisation taught the Knuckleball Comedy way, with style, confidence and energy. Along the way, participants will gain not only valuable tools for everyday life, but will also have lots of laughs throughout.


Snack Break: 10:40am-11:00am


Fun With Physicality: 11:00am-12:15pm

We let the kids' imaginations and energy run rampant. Kids will learn how to use their bodies and physicality to create hilariously unique characters which they can use in future improv scenes and beyond, They will also learn the basics of stage combat, but don’t worry, it couldn’t be safer!


Lunch and relax: 12:15pm-1:00pm

All kids should bring their own lunch, water bottle and a snack. Always remember to advise us of any food allergies. After an energy boost and a few minutes to relax our minds and bodies, we get back to more fun.


Writing sketch comedy: 1:00pm-2:15pm

Improv and writing sketch comedy go together like Knuckleball Comedy and fun. We use our knowledge of improv to go over scene structure and how to create story ideas from scratch. We help the kids write their own sketches which they will eventually be able to perform. They’ll love this creative freedom. Writing is fun especially when you’re writing jokes! *Note: The older age group may choose to spend more time with sketch writing.


Storytelling: 2:15pm-3:00pm

After a day of high energy games, we cool down with storytelling. Instructors sharpen some of their best stories in front of the kids and then we hand it over to the kids for their best stories. With just a tad bit of structure, we help bring out the best stories the kids have to offer. *Note: For the older group, this section will also include instruction on writing and performing standup comedy for those who want to do so.


Aftercare: 3:00pm-5:00pm

For those who choose to stay for after care, we will have even more fun with board games, movies, free time in the park and if the kids ask, even more time for improv!

Performance: Friday Afternoon

At the end of each week of camp, all parents, family and friends are invited to the end of camp performance. The performance will feature some of the best improv, sketch and storytelling the kids have to offer.


“The kids were laughing and smiling the entire time and kids who don’t usually participate really stepped out of their comfort zones”

--Savannah I. JCYS Summer Camp

"I was part of the improv community in Chicago for many years, and I am so grateful to Knuckleball for giving my kids the chance to learn and have fun with improv. It is a great skill to learn and a wonderful way to connect with friends."

--Evan M. Parent of 3rd and 7th grader

"The class is so fun and it also teaches me how to work together with other kids even better than before. Our teacher is also very nice and works with us all equally. Every week I look forward to it!!"

-- Shayna F. 5th grader at The British International School

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